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Friday, April 16, 2010

April 16,2010

Working on the new website "" . Hopefully have it done in the next couple of weeks.
I won't be doing any hikes until the beginning of July as I am training to compete in the Alberta Provincial Bodybuilding competition on June 26/2010. The hiking just does not fit into the training protocol. It is killing me as the weather is starting to be so nice outside .  Only 10 weeks out and then plan on hiking as much as we can...

Some of the trails we are eying on doing so far are;



  1. Temple is a good one. Monika and I are planning on doing Kiliminjaro next year and Mont Blanc next year or the year after. You should check out Assiniboine as well it is awesome.

  2. That's awesome Dave!!!!!! You have to take tons of pics and a full review....

    We're thinking Inka trail...Peru.... then maybe down to the Galapagos.....

    It depends on a few things.. achieving this years goals and $$$$...

    I'm thinking we should we able to.... :).. we'll see